How it works

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with Instagram

Your data is secure: you insert your username and password directly on the Instagram page. FollowMeter does not have access to your credentials.


analyzes your data

In a couple of seconds Followmeter will scan your account and will get all the information needed to calculate al your stats.


Get insights
on your account

Get your profile stats and see all the informations. Periodically you can scan your profile and get updates once every hour.

New Followers

Get information on your new followers

Lost Followers

See who unfollowed you

Not following back

Discover the profiles you follow that don't follow you back


And much more...

You don't follow back

Show the accounts that follow you but you don't follow back

Most likers

Discover the profiles that liked you the most

Ghost Followers

Get the informations about the users that watch and like your posts but don't follow you